Ultimate Airbnb guest info pack checklist - 100+ questions guests might ask in 2023

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What should I add to my guest guide?

Here at GuestKit, our goal is to make it easy for hosts to invest in answering guest questions in a way that compounds in value over time: you add the answer to your GuestKit and reduce time spent answering those questions in future. As guests, we always prefer to be empowered to help myself - that's why we started GuestKit.

New guide from template screen in the product

Below we've listed everything we know about what guests find helpful to know. You can take advantage of these in the product by creating from a template - but we hope you find this useful even if you're DIY-ing it.

Locking/unlocking doors

If you're not always able to greet your guests, this is an important guide to get right.

  • Don't underestimate how foreign your door may be to a guest.

  • If your door is an interior door, be sure to start your guide from the front entrance, if that also requires a key or code.

  • If you're using a smart-lock which unlocks with an app or phone number, be sure that the lock supports non-local numbers. We've heard of many guests being locked out in the US because services only support US numbers!

  • Are there any alarms that alert if a door is left open for too long?

  • Does the door lock automatically?

  • Are there any exterior doors in the apartment which don't lock automatically that guests should be aware of?


Guests are especially sensitive to this topic while travelling during the coronovirus pandemic.

  • How often is the property cleaned? Explain the products used, surfaces treated, etc. to build confidence

  • Do you use a professional cleaning company - what guides are they following?

  • Clarify your mask and social distance policy in shared spaces

  • Clarify what hygiene products are made available to the guest - soap, hand-gel, etc.


  • Consider printing this information out so that guests who don't have any other way of getting online can consume your GuestKit.

  • What's the access point name?

  • What's the access point password?

  • Are there any areas of the house where coverage is poor?

  • Where is the access point located?

  • What's the procedure to re-start the access point?

  • Will re-starting the access point have any side-effects (voice-assistants won't work for a while, smart-locks might not work for a while, etc.)

Trash and recycling

  • Where should guests take the trash? Add some photos if it's outside.

  • Is there anything that shouldn't be recycled? For example, some countries have a bottle-return deposit. You could explain to guests how to get that money back.

  • What's possible to recycle? This varies from country to country, state to state. Consider uploading a photo of or link to your local recycling guide.

Windows and blinds

  • These are different worldwide. If you get a lot of foreign visitors, consider creating these guides.

  • How do guests open the windows?

  • Are there any windows guests should not leave open when they leave the property?

  • Are there any windows which can't or shouldn't be opened?

  • Are any windows which are difficult to open/require a little trick?

  • Do you have any automation in place for blinds/windows? How is that used?

Air conditioning

  • Does the air conditioning unit have a remote control?

  • Does the air conditioning unit turn on automatically at certain times of day?

  • Does the air conditioning unit turn off automatically?

  • Does the air conditioning unit have a sleep timer?

  • Is the air conditioning unit controlled by a themostat? If so, where is that located?


  • Does the property have a thermostat? Where is it located?

  • If you have a fireplace - how do you get it started safely?

  • Is there a timer for the heating?

  • Is it possible to schedule the heating? Is this pre-defined?

  • Is there a remote control you can use to control the heating?

  • Can the heating be controlled by a smart-assistant?

Washing machine

  • How do you use the washing machine?

  • Where do you put soap or fabric softener?

  • Is there any detergent available for guests to use?

  • Where can guests dry clothes?

Clothes dryer

  • How do you use the dryer?

  • How do you empty the dryers water reservoir?

  • How do you clean the lint-trap? This is important to prevent fires.


  • How do you set the temperature?

  • How do you set the pressure?

  • Are there multiple shower-heads? How do you switch between them?

Watching TV

  • Where do you normally keep the remote control? Where would you like your guests to leave it when they check-out?

  • Are there any hardware buttons to turn the TV on/off?

  • Can your TV be controlled by a smart assistant like Google Home or Alexa?

  • How do you watch TV?

  • Are there any services available (Netflix or YouTube for example)?

Listening to music

  • Where are the speakers located?

  • Are there any rules about how early/late your guests can play music?

  • Can your music be controlled by a smart assistant like Google Home or Alexa?

  • Are there any services available (Spotify or Amazon for example)?

Renting a bike

  • Do you have any bikes available?

  • Where can your guests rent a bike? Try attaching a map link!

  • How much can guests expect to pay for a bike?

  • Are there any laws guests need to be aware of? Lights at night, hand signals, etc.


Getting packages delivered:

  • Can guests get packages delivered to the property?

  • What address should they use to do so?

  • Do guests need to leave any special instructions to the driver?

Sending packages or letters:

  • Where can guests send packages or letters? Try attaching a map link!

  • Where can guests purchase stamps?

Ordering food

  • Where would you order food from?

  • Do you recommend any restaurants?

  • Do you recommend any apps to your guests (UberEats, Deliveroo, JustEat, Wolt) - try adding your referral link!

Buying groceries

  • Where would you buy your groceries?

  • What's the budget option? How about the fancy option?

  • Are there any speciality shops your guests might like? Butchers, farmers markets, etc.

  • Are there any local specialties you'd recommend your guests try out?

Using the kitchen

  • What's available to guests in your kitchen? Consider making an extra step to this guide, or individual guides.

  • How does a guest use the oven? Are there any pots/pans you'd prefer they didn't use?

  • How does a guest use the dishwasher? Are there any tablets/detergents available for the guests to use?

Luggage storage

  • If you have an early check-out policy, and the guest has a late flight, what options do they have to not have to carry their luggage all day?

  • Do you offer temporary storage?

  • Are there services such as Stasher or lockers available near your property?

Checking out

  • When leaving, what do you expect your guests to do?

  • Where should guests leave the key?

  • Where should your guests leave any trash or recycling?

  • Should guests strip the sheets?

  • Lock all windows

  • Lock all exterior doors - remind guests if there are doors other than the main entrance

Travel options

  • What's the best taxi service to use?

  • What's the best taxi app to use? Try adding your referral link for that service!

  • Where can guests buy bus & train tickets?

  • Is there an app to buy bus & train tickets? Attach it as a link!

Locked out?

  • Who should the guest contact?

  • Is there somewhere they can wait nearby while they wait for someone to come and help them?

  • Is there a fee for this inconvenience?

Security cameras

  • Guests have a right to privacy and an understanding of where and when they're potentially being watched on your property.

  • Explain to guests that the cameras are for their own safety and for your peace of mind as a host.

  • Point out where each camera is, and consider including a screenshot of exactly what that camera can see.

  • Do your cameras record audio? You should disable or disclose this.

Smart assistants

  • Devices like Alexa and Google Home are still very new to most people. They might be evolving quickly and be

tightly integrated into your home - so it's important to explain how they work!

  • Explain what the devices are capable of in your property.

  • What's the trigger word for your devices?

  • Can they control temperature? What's the command?

  • Can they control lighting? What's the command?

  • Can they play music or TV? What's the command?

  • How can your guests disable them? Some people are uncomfortable with being listened to.

Any we missed?

Drop us a line to hello@guestkit.io so we can keep our list growing!

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