Create your first property

Here we'll show you how to get started in minutes.

  • Create your first property
  • Open GuestKit portal on your phone with a QR code
  • Create, manage and update guides

Working with places

GuestKit isn't just for your property - it makes it easy to share your favourite places in the area, too.

Check out this quick video for an intro to working with Places in your GuideKit.

1. Tell us about the property you host

Tell us a little about the property, and optionally upload a photo. You share a link to this property portal with your guests once you're ready.

2. Create your guides

Tell your guests what they need to know to have a great time.

Helpful hints about your property (avoid late night phone calls about how the lock-box works by adding a video, for example!)

Add a Maps link to your favorite restaurants and coffee shop.

Use our templates to get started with everything else.

3. Who do your guests need to know?

If you're hosting from a distance, it might be useful to share additional contact information in your GuestKit. Give us some basic contact information and we'll include it in your GuestKit contacts page.

4. Publish your property page

Once you hit publish, your property page will be visible to anyone who has the link. It'll contain all the guides you've linked. Any changes you make to your guides will be immediately published here.

Share your link

Share your link with guests so they can use it. We'd suggest creating a paper print-out with the basics with the link attached, and sending it along with any correspondance with your guest. If you're using a Property Management System, add the link to your automatic emails.

We recommend sharing the link a few days in advance of the stay, so guests get an opportunity to review any check-in particularities you might have explained.

Pin to home screen

When guests click your link on a phone, they'll get prompted to attach the guide to their home screen. Here, it behaves just like an app. If you're checking in guests in person, we recommend showing them the "app" on your own phone. You spent a lot of time on it - make sure your guests know you've invested in them having a convenient and pleasant stay. Read more about our app.

Ready to get started?

GuestKit is completely free until you publish a property for the first time.

It's quick and easy to get started with our 20+ templates!

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