• Monthly
  • Annually


    For the occasional host


    • 1
    • Unlimited guests
    • Unlimited guides


    For multiple properties



    • 10
    • Unlimited guides
    • Unlimited guests
    • 🤖
      API access


    For Hotels and Property Management

    • Unlimited properties
    • Unlimited guides
    • Unlimited guests
    • 🤖
      API access

When do I pay?

You pay once you've decided to publish your first property for guests to see. Until you do that; all content is preview-only. You'll pay once per selected period - annually or monthly.

How do I move between plans?

You can upgrade/downgrade in the Settings panel within GuestKit. If you wish to downgrade to Indie, make sure you've only got 1 property published.

I've got more than 10 properties

Get in touch with us! We'd like to understand your use case and make sure we're a great fit; with fair pricing.

Do I need to provide my card details to sign up?

No; you can get started without entering any card info.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel any time; and continue using GuestKit until the final billing period is complete. See our fair refund policy.

What's Paddle?

Paddle is our payment processor and merchant of record. They allows us to serve a bigger audience, by collecting the correct sales/value-added taxes globally. You pay them, and they pay us the rest.

Do my guests pay?

No; it's completely free for guests.

What's a template?

A template is a default guide with a rough outline of what you could write that would be useful for guests.

GuestKit is a tool to build a guest-focused guide for your Airbnb.Try it for free →