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    For the occasional host


    • πŸ’°
      1 month free trial
    • ∞
      Unlimited guests
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      Unlimited guides


    Drive reviews and revenue


    • ∞
      Unlimited guides
    • ∞
      Unlimited guests
    • 🌐
      Automatic translation to 17 languages
    • 🎨
      Customise your branding
    • ⏳
      Scheduled guest messages
    • πŸ›’
      Sell to guests with Guestkit stores
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay immediately?

No - You can create and keep your property as a draft before you decide to purchase a plan.

You can then optionally take advantage of the Indie plan's one month free trial before you decide whether or not to continue with Guestkit.

How do I move between plans?

You can upgrade/downgrade in the Settings panel within GuestKit. If you wish to downgrade to Indie, make sure you've only got 1 property published.

Do I need to provide my card details to sign up?

You don't need to provide your card details to sign up.

You can sign up, create your property and associated guides all without card details.

When ready, you may choose a plan to share your property with guests. At this point card details will be required.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel any time; and continue using GuestKit until the final billing period is complete. See our fair refund policy.

What's Paddle?

Paddle is our payment processor and merchant of record. They take care of payment security and tax/VAT handling for us globally, allowing us to focus on new features.

Do my guests pay?

No - Guestkit is completely free for guests.

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