What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) are websites that you can install to your phone (or sometimes, a desktop computer). They combine the convenience of an app - being right there on your home screen, available offline - without the hassle of finding them through an app store.

Perfect choice for GuestKit

They're perfect for GuestKit because each property has it's own web-app property page. So instead of directing your guests to find a generic app, then enter a code to find your specific property - they enter a short URL and get prompted to install it straight away.

Our goal with using a PWA is to provide your guests with offline support, and a less complex path to getting access to your guides throughout the duration of their stay. For the duration of their stay, they've downloaded what feels exactly like an app, without the hassle.

They work on any device, and they have native-app like performance once they're loaded. That's the downside - slower initial download times from a standard web page; but we think it's worth the trade-off for the numerous other benefits.

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