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Create a smooth guest experience, reduce time spent on guest questions and get better reviews with a professional, multi-lingual guide for your rental property.

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Image showing potential questions that guests ask when booking

Eliminate check-in surprises

Make your rental property a hands-off experience by answering frequently asked guest questions through GuestKit.

One guide, many languages

Write your guide once, and we'll automatically translate it into seventeen different languages to provide a great guest experience no matter their first language.

Image detailing how you can scan a QR to join a wifi network with guestkit

Replace your wifi password

The first thing most guests do is join your property's WiFi. Make this a breeze with our QR print-out page.

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Graph showing questions asked to host reduced via guestkit

Asked and answered

There’s something special about being able to answer your guest questions with a GuestKit guide. You’re investing in providing a detailed, high quality reply that you can re-use. You’ll reduce the instances of guests asking that question in future.

Image of an example of a google place

A true local experience

Your favorite coffee spots, the best bars - and your late night eateries. Share them all with our Google Places integration. Guests can easily navigate, or check out other reviews and photos - all from within the guide editor.

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Web app technology

GuestKit is a web-app. You can update the content from anywhere you like, and share it wherever there's an internet connection. It's always up to date, everywhere it's accessed.

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All in sync

If you're hosting on multiple sites, you don't need to keep any how-to information in sync. Share the link, update once.

Share content, too

If you've got multiple properties, you can share content between them and reduce the maintenance burden. Updating a piece of content updates all the properties.

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Templates to get you started

We've created a wide range of guide templates to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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