Create a guide with everything your guests need to know

GuestKit helps guests help themselves with a set of guides for your space. It saves you valuable time answering common questions for every guest, because you've given them the tools to figure it out for themselves.

Works great with

Eliminate check-in surprises

Align expectations with you guests and facilitate a smoother check-in. Reduce suprise last minute requests, improve predictability for your guests. Everyone wins!

Replace your wifi password

Point your phone's camera at the code and instantly connect to the wifi. No more reading the tiny text from the back of the router. Not only is it convenient, but it also drives guests to your GuestKit.

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A leaner, cleaner, greener alternative

A stack of paper as a welcome kit gets frayed and tatty, pages go missing - and occasionally a guest will take your hard work home with them. In the COVID-19 ages, re-using them isn't an appealing option.

The content ages, and you’ve got to be on-site to update them. That work’s multiplied further when you work with many properties.

GuestKit helps solve all these problems: centrally managed content, always up to date, right in the pocket of your guest.

Asked and answered

There’s something special about being able to answer your guest questions with a GuestKit guide. You’re investing in providing a detailed, high quality reply that you can re-use. You’ll reduce the instances of guests asking that question in future.

Your local favorites

Your favorite coffee spots, the best bars - and your late night tasty-treat of choice. Share them all with our Google Places integration. Guests can easily navigate, or check out other reviews and photos.

When I’m out of town, it puts me at ease to know friends handing over the keys can point to the GuestKit to answer any questions.

Julia picks GuestKit because she can:

  • Share alternate contact information for when she's away
  • Update the guide from anywhere if new questions arise
  • Get tips on best practices for her guides with our templates

Web app technology

GuestKit is a web-app. You can update the content from anywhere you like, and share it wherever there's an internet connection. It's always up to date, everywhere it's accessed.

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All in sync

If you're hosting on multiple sites, you don't need to keep any how-to information in sync. Share the link, update once.

Share content, too

If you've got multiple properties, you can share content between them and reduce the maintenance burden. Updating a piece of content updates all the properties.

Templates to get you started

It shouldn’t be a heavy time investment to create and maintain your guest portal. We've got a bunch of templates to kick start the process.

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Create your guide today

GuestKit is completely free until you publish a property for the first time.

It's quick and easy to get started with our 20+ templates!